Gregg County Republican Party

aExecutive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the precinct chairs, county chair, vice-chair, secretary, and treasurer (if required).

Chairman: William McWhorter
Vice-Chair: Marty Rhymes
Secretary: Nancy Holly

Precinct Chairs

Gregg County is divided into numerous voting precincts, each of which has a precinct chair to serve the people in that community.

Precinct 1:  JJ Walnofer
Precinct 2:
Precinct 3:
Precinct 4: Amy Bridges
Precinct 5: Rachael Sikes
Precinct 6:
Precinct 7: Rhonda Anderson
Precinct 8:
Precinct 9: Dawn Barber
Precinct 10: Robert Woods
Precinct 11:
Precinct 12: Marty Rhymes
Precinct 13: Nancy Holly
Precinct 14: Sandra Odom
Precinct 15:
Precinct 16: Curtis Shockley
Precinct 17:
Precinct 18: Jennifer Kranzman
Precinct 19: Darrin “Rudy” Rudolph
Precinct 20: Gwendolyn Wuori
Precinct 21: